Ecological Management and Enhancement Plan

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Ecological Management and Enhancement Plan

Location: Skipton

Survey Type: Ecological Management and Enhancement Plan

As part of a housing development, JCA Arboricultural & Ecological Consultants were contracted to complete an ecological management and enhancement plan on the site of a former mill pond. The former mill pond is undergoing conversion to develop a wetland nature area and the land owners wanted to both increase net biodiversity on site and create a nature area to be enjoyed by the local community.

Due to the unsafe nature of the former mill pond, this had to be dismantled as part of the proposed plans for the site. This led to the loss of aquatic habitat.

JCA designed and coordinated the creation of a new wetland area with three smaller ponds, which both acts as a flood control for the housing estate, but also a variety of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, more diverse than the previous mill pond.

The project is ongoing into 2020 and JCA Arboricultural & Ecological Consultants will continue to provide guidance and consultancy services until the project is complete.

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