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Invertebrate Surveys

Invertebrate Survey - Tortoiseshell Butterlies

JCA can undertake invertebrate surveys, both terrestrial and aquatic. These can be useful for a development in many ways. For example, for informing management plans of monitoring the effectiveness of habitat management based on indicator species. Terrestrial invertebrate surveys are often needed on ecologically sensitive sites. Aquatic invertebrates are often required to monitor water quality, particularly if construction work causes runoff.

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Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey:

Depending on the site or target species, JCA uses a wide variety of techniques to sample invertebrate diversity. This can include everything from sweep-netting, sieving, trapping and beating. Invertebrate surveys are usually carried out between April–September.

Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys:

JCA uses kicksampling as a standardised methodology for capturing aquatic invertebrates. The results are assessed using various standardised scoring systems, as well as chemical tests to establish the quality of running water on a site.

Butterfly Surveys:

Butterflies are considered to be good indicator species of habitat quality and climate change. In this way they can be used for overall assessment of a site. JCA employs the standardised methodology set out by the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS) to carry out surveys.

Invertebrate Survey Timeline:

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