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Protected Species Surveys

Bat - Protected Species Survey

Determining the presence/absence of legally protected species, and implementing in appropriate mitigation if required will contribute to a successful planning application. JCA’s helpful and highly experience ecologists can carry out these surveys for your application.

Surveys for some protected species are confined to certain times of the year. Please see the Ecology Calendar for information concerning optimal survey times. Please contact us if you require further information regarding ecological surveying.

Protected Species and the Law:

Badger-Protected Species Survey

In the UK some species are afforded greater legal protection than others and development which will negatively impact on populations of these species can be restricted. Some species are protected under European Legislation (and UK legislation):

European Protected Species and their habitats are protected from disturbance. Some other species, which may be encountered during development works, are protected under UK law, specifically the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)

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