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Recent Projects


Devon County Council

JCA surveyed all Devon County Council’s roadside trees involving over 400 miles of highway, focussing on dangerous trees and hazard assessment, using GIS positioning.

English Heritage, Northern England

JCA are currently surveying and reporting on the trees at English Heritage sites across the north of England. In 2013, JCA were appointed to try save a historic Cedar tree at Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster. The tree, which was thought to be 350 years old, was being attacked by Honey Fungus. Using a combination of soil aeration and mycorrhizal injection/innoculation, we treated the tree and so far the results have been good.

Crystal Palace Park Restoration Project, London

JCA prepared a detailed tree survey and method statements and provided general management advice for the whole of this historic and iconic park. Our client was the Lottery Commission.

Regent’s Park, London

Working for the Royal Parks Commission, JCA undertook a survey of the whole open air theatre area and prepared an Impact Assessment for this strategically important site in London.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

JCA assisted with the design and implementation of the construction of the new visitor centre, a 2 storey glass structure which was positioned within established, mature Oak woodland, where no pruning could be done.

Jesus College, Cambridge

JCA surveyed trees on this historic site and prepared a report and a Method Statement on how to add a new building into this superb setting without any adverse impact on the trees.

Sidgwick Campus, University of Cambridge

As with Jesus College, we assisted the University in obtaining planning permission for an essential expansion within an historic landscape.

Four Oaks Estate, Sutton Coldfield

Since 1997 JCA have been managing the 400 important trees on this private estate of high value housing, which contains a mixed stock of un-adopted street trees.

Canal & River Trust

During the last few years JCA have surveyed over 450 miles of canal and river side trees for public safety.

Alternative Energy

A new area of work for JCA is the renewable energy market. We are often appointed to prepare Method Statements on how to get wind turbine components onto a site without felling or damaging trees or to report on the impact that a wind farm will have on local ecology. We have been asked to report on whether a site is suitable for a Solar Farm and have undertaken feasibility studies for housing associations who wish to put Solar Panels on property close to trees.

Leeds Metropolitan University

JCA have been looking after the trees on this site for over 12 years. We do an annual tree safety survey on all the University property. We have produced Woodland Management Plans and prepared a Biodiversity Study for the University woodlands.

Other Universities

Salford, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Bradford, Sheffield, Chichester and York Universities all appoint us to advise them on tree issues.

Housing Association

Chevin Housing, Wakefield District Housing, Sadeh Lok, South Yorkshire Housing, Broadacres, Peaks and Plains and Yorkshire Housing Associations are all very regular clients, many of whom have benefitted from the free use of JCA’s housing association database.

The British Museum

When the British Museum were having difficulties getting a three storey articulated vehicle loaded with the Chinese Terracotta Warrior display, they contacted JCA to assist in producing a Method Statement enabling them to gain planning permission to trim some very important London Plane trees.


St Christopher’s Trust, Glossop

JCA conducts a wide variety of ecological services but very rarely are so many different surveys required within one site. In the middle of the residential area of Glossop we were asked to assess a parcel of land which had mature woodland, a watercourse running through and several buildings of both period and contemporary construction. With our surveys on this site we built a picture up of how bat, amphibian, reptiles and notable vegetation used the site and with some minor variances to the planning proposals the development was given planning approval.

Leeds Metropolitan University – Headingley Campus

There are times when we are commissioned to provide an in depth assessment of a site and then to prepare a management plan which will allow continuance and hopefully promotion of ecological diversity in keeping with the natural history of the area. We are very happy to be providing this service here at the Leeds Metropolitan University for a second 10 year plan. This project is a great opportunity for us to continue our research into the many elements of the ecology of the site. It allows us to use more experimental methodologies and with this knowledge we can widen our programme of services and adapt to time progresses.

Pest & Disease

JCAs Allicin/Conquer Project was started in 2009 when we received an experimental license to begin the process of testing Allicin, trademarked by JCA as Conquer, against various tree diseases. So far, we have had success against Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut, Sudden Oak Death, Acute Oak Decline, Chalara and Honey Fungus with several other diseases currently undergoing tests in conjunction with FERA and DEFRA.