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Tree advice for Homebuyers

It is recognised that well positioned trees around a property, as well as providing amenity, add significantlyKeys On Tree to its value. However, in certain soil conditions, badly positioned or poorly maintained trees can increase the risk of soil shrinkage leading to structural damage to the property due to subsidence.

Dry weather and media interest have led to an element of panic about trees near properties and many harmless trees have been felled as a precaution by home owners due to the lack of, or poor tree advice.

Mortgage reports are often recommended to lenders or estate agents by surveyors and mortgage offers can be withdrawn if a surveyor is concerned about trees close to a property. JCA’s reports are reasonably priced and can be completed in a matter of days.

A JCA mortgage report provides a full description of every significant item of vegetation, detailing any required tree works. Also provided as part of this document is a clear, colour site plan showing tree positions.

A Word of Warning

Mortgage reports are being provided by a number of people with varying degrees of expertise and insurance cover. Lenders are very cautious nowadays and clients are advised to check the surveyor’s qualifications and insurance before commissioning such a report.


JCA has £10 Million Public Liability Insurance, £1 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance and £10 Million

Home Buyers

Properly maintained and appropriately sited, mature trees add value to residential property.

Employers Liability Insurance. We also have Products Liability and a General Insured Policy to cover our business and clients. You can be assured when instructing JCA, that all our activities are comprehensively insured.

Peace of Mind

Appointing JCA to check the trees around a property prior to purchasing will give you peace of mind, knowing that your new home is unlikely to be influenced by the trees and that, if there is a risk, we will prescribe the best course of action. Health and Safety issues are addressed at the same time for added security.

Further Reading

For more information regarding privately owned trees, read ‘Living with trees’ on the Kirklees Council website.

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JCA is my first choice when requiring or asked to recommend reliable experts on trees in the context of property and development. They have an excellent understanding of the technical aspects of trees and legal matters involving them, contributing well to interdisciplinary decision-making.

Tom Lonsdale, Freelance Consultant at Tom Lonsdale Placecraft

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