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Root Identification and Possible Damage by Roots

The identification of microscopic root material is often crucial in the outcome of subsidence claims where trees are implicated and essential in cases of drain damage.

JCA offer a bespoke root identification service from its dedicated, in-house laboratory.


Microscopic section of a Lime root.

Tree roots are sectioned, stained and identified using microscopy techniques, which involves analysing the cell structure of the root material under a high powered microscope.

This method allows roots found during a site investigation to be linked to adjacent trees. This information can be vital in proving which tree the roots are from and therefore which tree is influencing the damage.

This method of root identification is useful where there are different tree species growing within close proximity of a damaged building.

JCA is often called upon to identify leaf samples, particularly in relation to unusual species.

Litigating Subsidence Claims

We offer an expert witness service with an excellent track record for insurance companies and local authorities in litigating subsidence claims.

Trees and Drains

Trees are often blamed for damaging and causing blockages in drainage systems. The photograph below

pic3_sml (1)

Lime roots in a drainage system.

shows an 80 year old drain which is full of Lime tree roots.

The drain had been damaged for many years and the tree roots had gained access and proliferated within it. However, the tree was not the cause of the original damage.

The drain was replaced with a well specified and designed new plastic system with rubber gaskets and with some care, the tree was retained and now grows in safe harmony with the new drainage system.

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